Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hello people

today was quite a bad day -.- had our chem in some super small classroom. felt claustrophobic... or however u spell it o.o
yeah, really wanted to sleep so badly during pw =.= its just information and information.
sigh, jc life is really tough.
needa do independent learning task got GP and research about stuff for pw.
still need complete math tutorials and catch up on chem (because i dont rly understand)
omg omg omg. die alr. tmr got extra chem lesson somemore. die le.
7:50am to 4:30pm full of lessons with only 2 40 mins break in between. =.=
life couldnt get any better i swear
anyway on a lighter note im gonna meet dear dear for dinner tmr aft cca.
its like no matter how cranky or how tired i feel, seeing her never fails to make me so much happier (: and i definitely appreciate her for that :D
love her loads.
hope i can survive tmr. because the weekends are coming soon :D

Monday, May 9, 2011

200000 years

hi guys (if there's any)

been a super super long time since i blogged o.o haha.
busy lately but still spending lots of quality w my dearest (:
love her loads.
tmr got math test zomg. die le la. havent been doing well for tests -.- failed both bio and math by half mark.
doubt i'll do well for chem also =.=
haha. fml ._. still got one huge pile of stuff to file =.=
and today went to imm w my dear :D
bought shilin chicken... the butter bread which was nice.
then went LJS for chowder, pie and the potato thing. not bad leh
haha so long neh eat le.
been like a year (or maybe 3) since i blogged haha. dont think anyone will read except booboo of cos xD

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


i think im sick D:
early morning walked to school in the rain
shoes> soaked!
socks> soaked!
pants> half soaked!
shirt>half soaked!
then changed into extra shirt
the whole day without socks =.=
leg gonna blister soon
then 1st temp taking 37.8 then went down 37.4 came up
then whole day damn cold.
wore jacket still cold
then 2nd temp taking 37.9 then went down again 37.2 came up again
then damn cold again
then aft sch stayed back do cip
5 hours straight x.x
then ran to bigbookshop buy super glue
go back gate pass to ziliang then slowly walk back
yea. then did alot clips. x.x then went home!
now headache like crazy ):

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


today sch nothing much. except we had oral com presentation by lydia's and ziliang's grp
aft sch stayed back with gong and cherie in 307
gong was busy doing his homework then me and cherie talk cock
then bought food
wrote on the board
and threw bottles at each other
almost face-shot gong lor.
heng gong din throw tio cherie
or else he's dead lol
haha then went tuition straight
did general revision for sum and products of roots, quadratic inequality
and did some linear law and binomial
haha then went home :D

Sunday, June 28, 2009

yo peoples. im still alive. but not for long =/
haha. friday went back sch. played a while o.o
then bathed and left with Cherie
went jp. wanted watch movie de. but the timing was like 1am -_-
then ate macs and went library. borrowed books and went home @_@
saw tianyu and deren at jp tho.
yesterday stayed at home. nothing much.
today went causeway point get my new specs :D
haha. ok la. turns out quite nice xD
its blue @_@
half framed.
haha. tomorrow school starts le.
still got homework not completed
prepared to get scolded by teachers tmr
sian man.
and the sciences for my class allocate until very nice
monday tuesday > tri sci
wed> phy
thurs> bio
how nice -_-.
and tmr got 2 languages.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tag replies.

ashy: glad to see u alive of course im alive -.-
cindy: boo. nth.
ok nothing.
jerrald: eh hello.
ok hello.
#1: i don't like my new seating arrangement.
neither do i.
`QIHUI: Aw man . ):
wad thing aw man O_O
中外野手: 哟
i noe its center field okay. hi lijuan.

1st softball match.

today went to kallang with cherie,lionel,lijuan,cheryl,weiwen and suemae xD
huineng got SRC match. so we go support her. haha. damn cool.
starting din understand a thing -.- then slowly i 开窍 then understand liao =x
blue jays vs angels
huineng played shortstop for bluejays O_O
but angels won anyway >< the angels de shortstop damn zai la.
the pitchers were good also. @_@ (dont dare say too much later tio flame) LOL
haha. super cool xD huineng played shortstop and her sis played 2nd base so their like beside each other ><
haha. din regret going xD
after that bus-ed with to suntec with cherie and lion.
the rest went home x.x
walked around then went home xD yea. haha.

Lovingly done by Hansuke a.k.a Manda Jie